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Runceley Chaser blasting cookie pairs with entangled photons in Sacred Gaia Healing's™ Quantum Laser Kitchen®

Become quantumly entangled with Runceley Chaser!

Try Sacred Gaia Healing™ Quantumly Entangled Krenulated Kale and Chocolate Chip Cookies ®.


In Sacred Gaia Healing’s™Quantum Laser Kitchen®, we blast pairs of cookies with quantumly entangled photons using a beta barium borate crystal teamed with our SGH™ approved beam splitter.*


When you buy one of the cookie pairs, the other half has already been eaten by Runceley Chaser. No matter where you are in the world, when you eat your cookie, both you and Runcely will have eaten any entangled photon pairs that landed on the cookies! Entanglement means that any measurement on one photon instantaneously (i.e.  faster than the speed of light) affects the other entangled pair! WOW – what could this mean for you and Runceley? You will just have to try them to find out.


* Entangled pairs of photons are created as the result of the fission of a single higher-energy photon travelling through a beta-barium borate crystal. The beam splitter directs the entangled photon pairs separately onto our delicious Krenulated Kale and Chocolate Chip Cookies ®.

Your biscuit pair awaits you. The other half of the pair has already been eaten by Runceley Chaser at Sacred Gaia Healing™ headquarters.

Conservatively priced at USD$19.99 (+P&H) and delivered to you in an exquisite presentation box.

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