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Sacred Gaia Healing™

Actived Re-balancing™

Ancient  Gaia/Mother Earth wisdom knows that too much yang energy skews the world and our personal lives into negativity and conflict.  


Invested with the healing power of yin energy Sacred Gaia Healing™ can transform your life. Our genuine certified products and our programs of Activated Re-Balancing™ using Roze Quartz crystal technology (patent application posted) can align your life into natural harmony.


Act now to take advantage of our special prices on our products and services to bring the light and joy of Sacred Gaia Healing™ into your life.

Our People

Denise Foveaux
Angelica Leight
Runceley Chaser*

Denise is an artist and world participant. She is the technical and artistic advisor to Sacred Gaia Healing ™. Her practice concerns manipulation and transmutations of ontological posturing. She draws on theorists and practitioners as diverse as Jean Baudrillard, Walt Disney, Thomas Kuhn and Shea Hembrey. 

Angelica is the conscious being behind Sacred Gaia Healing™. 

Runceley has been blessed with a long career in marketing and promotion. His keen intellect has been utilised to develop ways to bring Angelica Leight's insights and Sacred Gaia Healing's™ certified products to a wider audience. 

*formerly known as Chaseley Ronson. Change of name is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with Interpol or Australian Federal Police issues.

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